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Beenax Lacrosse & Spiky Massage Ball Set – Perfect for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Plantar Fasciitis, Deep Tissue and Muscle Relief – Designed to Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles (Red)

Key Features:
  • GET AN IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, reduce tension, increase blood circulation and remove toxins
  • ROLL IT ANYWHERE YOU HAVE TENSION: Roll away tension in your neck, shoulders, back, feet and the rest of your body Target areas other massage tools simply can't reach
  • DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY MASSAGE BALL: Comes with strong spikes and a high density premium rubber that will last over time and won't buckle under your body weight
  • RECOMMENDED BY FITNESS AND MEDICAL EXPERTS: Helps to relieve pain, rejuvenate and revitalise all parts of the body, used by variety of health and medical professionals
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we'll refund your money, no-questions asked!
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Brand Brand: Beenax

Beenax Lacrosse & Spiky Massage Ball Set – Perfect for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Plantar Fasciitis, Deep Tissue and Muscle Relief – Designed to Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles (Red)

Product description Colour:Red

Are you ready to get rid of all your body tension?Are you ready to get rid of your tight and uncomfortable muscles?Are you ready to get rid of your knots and pains that make your life a misery?

I bet you are but don't you worry, our massage tools are finally here to give you the relief you are looking for!This Lacrosse & Spiky Massage Ball Set is the perfect combo to give you an accurate body massage that will help you to:

– Relax Muscles- Reduce Tension- Improve Circulation- Remove toxinsBut that's not all, it will also provide you other extra benefits such as:

– Plantar Fasciitis Recovery- Stress Reflexology- Myofascial Release- Trigger Point Therapy- Bad Posture Correction – Joint Stiffness Reduction- Flexibility Improvement- Soreness PreventionJust roll it under you hand, foot, back, shoulder, neck, leg or arm. Do your own self-massage or get someone to massage you. Bring it everywhere you want and use it anywhere you have tension. You might think that it looks to good to be true or that this investment is not worth it…We are so confident of our massage tool benefits that we're giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not happy with it.By doing this, we are showing you that your purchase is going to be an absolute risk-free investment so that you feel comfortable when you click the "Buy" button.With so much to gain and no risk on your part, stop thinking, just go for it!

  1. Compared to the chiropractor...
    I purchased this having experienced shoulder pain for quite some time, and was desperate for relief without having to spend a fortune on chiropractic treatment once again. I have had consistent chiro treatment previously and I can safely say, for the price of this product, you simply won’t find anything better. I’ve spent hundreds on treatment in the past, and this £20 product got rid of my pain within a week on regular use, from the comfort of my own home. Whenever I experience pain I simply spend about 5 minutes using these balls, and it’s gone within half an hour afterwards, and doesn’t come back for weeks. This may not be the case for everyone, but it certainly worked for me!Don’t think about it, just buy it, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. An important role in post running
    Loved these, my partner already uses them so I wanted to get some for myself. Easy to use and feel like they are quality made. Recommended for anyone with back pain or even post running, Easy and simple to use I find that I am sat watching TV while I have the smooth ball under my feet working out different areas. Sometimes it’s a nice after feel if you stand and put your whole-body weight down on the ball.I haven’t used the spiky one much but I am sure I will in time. As for my Sciatic pain, sadly this has only helped a little bit and not as much as I hoped.I also use them alot when WFH but tempted to bring them into the office but not sure what looks I would get.
  3. Fast service and a great product.
    Order arrived really quickly. The 2 massage balls are just the right hardness. I thought they felt a bit firm when I got them out of their packaging, but they are perfect under my feet. I have a bit of tendonitis under my left foot. On my first use, the pain was really sore when I used the smooth ball. I was wondering if it was doing more harm than good! I then tried the spiky ball and it was more gentle and the pain started to ease. I then went back to the smooth ball again and was amazed how the pain became less and less the more I massaged under my foot! I find that walking round on the hard floor at work all day makes my foot very sore. I take the massage balls to work and use them in my breaks. This re-sets my feet again when I have massaged the pain away and I can carry on again with much less pain. These massage balls as so much better than the tennis balls I previously used, which are far too soft!!
  4. My dog seems to like them too as she keeps running off with the ...
    This has been a bit of a godsend, having struggled with sore back and neck muscles after a long day at the office, I use these by rolling them across my back against the wall, I don\'t really notice much of a difference between the smooth and spiky version, both seem to have the same affect.If you suffer from aching or hot muscles, definitely worth looking into these.My dog seems to like them too as she keeps running off with the spiky one!
  5. Great!
    Exactly as they are in the photo. They are a bit harder than I needed them to be, my physio said to buy them with a bit of give, so I expected them to be a bit softer as they are very firm with no give, but I think that’s probably just what I needed and assumed that’s how they would be to be honest.Having said that I have still been able to use them in exactly the same way, for the exercises given by my physio, and have really helped with shoulder, neck and back pain which is what I wanted them for. So simple but so effective. Thanks
  6. Good product, very helpful
    I’ve been using these for several days now to try and help a bit of plantar fasciitis and they have definitely helped, along with stretching and exercise. I love the spiky one, but did notice it was leaving strange marks on my new carpet (just from the spikes rolling over the surface; it’s disappeared now I’ve stopped using it there), so I’m now mainly using the smooth one. Both are good and I’d recommend them.
  7. These massage balls are wonderful, and I find them very useful
    These massage balls are wonderful, and I find them very useful. The firm plastic means they don\'t give way or become damaged in the bath, if you\'re like me and enjoy using them in there. They are a little large for trying to get some problem areas, but that\'s no fault of the product- that\'s just different needs. I can definitely recommend these massage balls- and the little bag is very useful too.
  8. to no avail I thought these were worth a shot - especially as the ratings were so good..
    These are very firm balls, the spikey one is crazy! But having suffered from back pain for years, using tennis balls and various rollers including spikey ones, to no avail I thought these were worth a shot - especially as the ratings were so good....I spent about an hour working the various areas with these which was probably too much as I was bruised the following day, but the pain was gone! I think to really get in there you need to embrace the pain of working with them somewhat but these have accomplished more than months of deep tissue massage and chiropodist effort....I use them every other day to get right in where the pain eminates, hold on trigger points and I’m pretty much pain free.Wish I’d found them earlier 👍