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Barbarian Range Wooden Parallettes Parallel Bars Made From Hardwood Multiple Sizes

Key Features:
  • DESIGNED FOR STURDINESS: We’ve combined the finest hardwood with great craftsmanship to create low parallel bars that will safely support your weight The gymnastic bars even come with rubberized feet for added sturdiness on all kinds of floors
  • MATERIALS: Most cheap wooden parallelttes are made using soft wood carving blocks, which are cheap and easy to mould The fact they are easy to mould makes them easy to dent and break Our Parallettes are made from Birch Ply and an Ash Dowel Both are hardwood and ply is particularly strong because it is layered like Kevlar or chainmail, removing the risk that a break will occur along the grain, which naturally occurs in wood Made in Britain using locally sourced materials
  • NO MORE SLIPPING: Unlike PVC and metal calisthenics equipment that gets dangerously slippery when you work up a sweat, the wooden handles on our pushup bars give you great grip all through The handles are comfortably sized at 35mm to offer both men and women a firm hold
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Unlike metal Parallettes, which are boxed in China and never checked, each Barbarian Parallette is hand made If it doesn’t meet our high standards it won’t be sent
  • DIMENSIONS: The handle diameters are all 35mm Low 10cm high & 25cm long, Low & Long 10cm high & 75cm long , Medium 20cm high & 45cm long, Tall 27cm high & 45cm long
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Brand Barbarian Range

Barbarian Range Wooden Parallettes Parallel Bars Made From Hardwood Multiple Sizes (LOW)

Product description


Designed for Performance

It’s the little design details that separate a good parallette bar from a truly great one. And we’ve used our rich experience in gymnastic equipment to create one that you’ll absolutely love! Our wooden parallettes are come in a range of sizes to meet all needs. So no matter your height, you’ll manage to achieve a deep range of motion and do everything from pushups, dips, handstands, V-sits, to tucks with perfect form. Get parallette training done right with bars designed for unrestricted performance.

Work Out in Safety

We’ve used a combo of premium hardwood and great craftsmanship to create the sturdiest wood paralettes around. No more freaking out whenever you perform that handstand! And to give you even greater confidence, we’ve fitted the gymnastic bars with rubberized feet to keep them firmly in place on all kinds of floors. And you know the best thing about wooden parallettes? The grip! Unlike plastic and metals bars that can get dangerously slippery when you work up a sweat, wooden handles give you a great grip all through to minimize the risk of injury.

Here are more great features of these wood paralettes:

Can be used to work out the whole upper body.

Stunning wooden look gives any home gym a beautiful touch.

Handles are perfectly-sized for a firm grip by both men and women.

Already assembled and easy to stack and store.

Whether you’re doing handstands or dips, count on Garage Fit’s wooden parallettes for a truly