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AOC I1601FWUX 15.6″ Widescreen IPS LED Glossy Black USB Monitor (1920×1080/USB)

Key Features:
  • Auto-Pivot - Change the orientation of the monitor to automatically align screen content
  • Smart cover - protects your display inside or outside your bag against dirt and damage
  • Productivity anywhere you go - more screen real-estate significantly increases productivity
  • USB-C - carries both the power and the display signal to the screen in one cable
  • Portable, functional and elegant solution Signal input: USB-C (DP Alt Mode)
£159.99 £164.99
Brand AOC
Model I1601FWUX

AOC I1601FWUX 15.6″ Widescreen IPS LED Glossy Black USB Monitor (1920×1080/USB)

Product description Product Description

The latest USB-C powered portable display from AOC, I1601FWUX boasts a vivid 15.6” IPS display with wide viewing angles (160/160°) and 5 Ms Gage. Includes smart cover and auto-pivot mode. Note: Compatibility has to be checked in two ways. First, the PC can supply USB-C with PD (Power Delivery) 2.0 or higher, second, USB-C has the video function, which is referred to in the USB-C specification as "Old DP".

Legal Disclaimer

Product is sourced and shipped from the European Economic Area (EEA). Product is genuine original from manufacturer authorized distributors.

Box Contains

1 x AOC 15.6" I1601FWUX IPS portable monitor (1920×1080) – Black

See more From the manufacturer - grey pixel - AOC I1601FWUX 15.6″ Widescreen IPS LED Glossy Black USB Monitor (1920×1080/USB)- 2f66d8de de3d 43f8 b04f fce9662398c6 - AOC I1601FWUX 15.6″ Widescreen IPS LED Glossy Black USB Monitor (1920×1080/USB) Auto-Pivot

Change the orientation of the monitor to automatically align screen content (included AOC i-Menu software needed to activate).

Smart cover

The included smart cover protects your display inside or outside your bag against dirt and damage. When the display is in use, the cover acts as a flexible screen holder, in portrait or landscape mode.

- grey pixel - AOC I1601FWUX 15.6″ Widescreen IPS LED Glossy Black USB Monitor (1920×1080/USB)


Aspect Ratio
Connectivity Technology
Display Resolution Max
1920 x 1080 pixels
Display Size
39.62 in
Display Technology
83 KHz
Horizontal Resolution
344.23 millimetres
Image Aspect Ratio
Image Brightness
ANSI lumens
Image Contrast Ratio
LGD 700:1 ; BOE 800:1
Item Dimensions
37.61 x 0.84 x 23.51 cm
Item Weight
0.82 kg
Max Vertical Resolution
1080 pixels
Model Year
Native Resolution
1920 x 1080 pixels
Real Angle of View
160 degrees
FHD 1080p
Response Time
5 milliseconds
Special Feature
8 watts
  1. Not Plug and Play!
    Even after installing provided driver on a CD (who uses CDs anymore). The monitor has no signal, although it\'s powering up using the laptop port. Tried two different laptops. Customer support help doesn\'t seem to be available.
  2. AOC support needs some work
    Despite numerous attempts, research on the web and trial of different cables I was unable to get this to connect to my laptop at all via the USB-C connection. Eventually returned it to AOC support who then took 3 months to investigate issue and ultimately send me a new one, which I was also unable to get operational with my laptop. So either this AOC screen has an issue with Windows 10 or the USB-C port type I have on my laptop. At this point I gave up and returned the screen back to Amazon. Amazon we absolutely brilliant in their support and customer service , so 5 stars. AOC on the other hand had not performed so well and they would be better off investigating this issue and solving the problem for all through some simple advice on how to resolve windows 10 issues or the USB-C port type with links for each on the purchase and customer support. This is the sort of thing you do right first time and then you can reap the rewards. Except that now you have a customer who is frustrated and has not had such a good experience with your products and will probably look else where next time. Net result is that I am still looking for an portable laptop screen.
  3. Excellent for the price!
    Arrived yesterday, so have yet to see how it handles long-term. Very impressed so far. The magnetic stand (which acts as a screen cover) has enough adjustment range for general use. Definitely install the drivers provided, as the stock drivers in Win 10 don\'t seem to allow for the portrait mode and don\'t give you the added controls from the laptop.Thin and light...just what I was after. Brightness level is fine for my use...really can\'t complain.
  4. Looks Great.. so far..
    Just a few pointers.Connecting:Using an Asus chromebook. It worked out of the box [ WITH THE PROVIDED CABLE ].I initially tried it with a normal usb to usb c cable and got \'no signal\' errors.I was about to pack it up and return it when i thought, let me try the usb c to usb c cable provided in the box... and hey presto.. screen comes on.Its obviously doing more than just connecting the screens... so this should be highlighted.would also love to buy a spare cable...PerformanceThe screen shudders at 1920, but at 1680 (60hz) it is fine.So far: power has fallen from 100% to 93% in ten minutes. It was indicating a battery life >7 hours (chromebook alone), but with the screen it is showing 2hr 30 mins left.The advert should explain that it starts up immediately on connection to a chromebook (using the packaged cable), as this was not clear. but very pleased so far.
  5. Perfect for hotdesking
    My office doesn\'t have enough desks (scourge of hotdesking) so I have to sit on a coffee table.I have a pretty new Lenovo X1 carbon, I plugged it in using the supplied cable and it worked immediately, it doesn\'t rotate automatically, as others have said you need to download drivers, but this is a non issue if you plan to use it in landscape.Screen quality is 100% fine for office tasks (better than my laptop screen at any rate). I have adjusted the scaling from the default 150 to 125% to fit more on the screen and this is quite comfortable, 100 was a bit too low for me. It has quite a matte finish which is quite handy if your back is to the sun as it doesnt reflect too much - this was a key reason i didn\'t buy the Asus screen. All that said, I wouldn\'t use it for any gaming or for a cinematic experience.The stand works perfectly fine, I was a little worried after seeing some American reviews but I can only assume their parts were slightly different or they were using it wrong.My battery drains a little faster but that\'s to be expected theres another screen to power! I could still eek out 4-5 hours if I really needed.Quite light, relatively thin, decent image, quick connecticity... overall a decent choice.
  6. Perfect companion for my 15" MacBook Pro
    I use a dual screen set-up on my desktop, so wanted to use a similar arrangement for when I\'m out on site. This comes with its own magnetic screen cover (which doubles as the stand), allowing it to be packed away in my laptop case. The cover\'s magnets are powerful, giving a very positive, sturdy and infinitely adjustable stand. Unlike most, it can hold the screen vertical without it falling over.Installation to the MacBook Pro was true plug and play as the screen comes with a USB-C cable. Refreshing to be able to plug something into one of Apple\'s most ill-conceived products without a bloody adaptor!Display is crisp and bright, and the Mac recognised the ability to orient the screen portrait or landscape without any software installation.This is a great product!Edit: I\'ve recently bought an ASUS ROG Strix III, which has a USB-C output. I can confirm that this screen works equally well on Windows.
  7. Great value for money
    Pros:- Works on Windows 10 straight from the box - just plug it in- USB-C, meaning that a single wire delivers both the video signal and electricity (my desk is a lot less cluttered)- Works both in landscape and portrait and switches automatically- Cheap for what it isCons:- Colour accuracy isn\'t great- The USB port is very shallow and looks a little flimsy (time will tell)- The slightest movement makes it switch orientation - it\'s really just meant to sit on a desk and not moveVerdict:This is a great external screen for office work (or watching a film while you work), but the low colour accuracy makes it unsuitable for Photoshop. Because of the automatic orientation switching and the flimsy USB port, it is best suited for being placed on the desk and not moved unless you really have to. That being said, it is very thin and light, so in theory it is suitable for moving between offices, but I would be a little worried about the USB port if it\'s tampered with too often.