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AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyzer – Police Grade Accuracy – Award Winning

Key Features:
  • Incredible Value Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
  • Professional grade DOT, FDA, CE, AUS Standard approved
  • Unique easy-read traffic light display (Red/Green) Bi Colour Safe System (BCSS)
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Highly Accurate Extremely easy to use with free batteries included
Brand AlcoSAFE

AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyzer – Police Grade Accuracy – Award Winning

Product description Product Description

The AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyser is a fantastic, unique addition to the premium breathalyser personal market. Unlike comparable priced models, it uses a fuel cell sensor (as used in Police devices) which offers extremely high accuracy. Featuring an easy-read Bi Colour Safe System (Traffic Light System) that lets you know when you are safe, or above the alcohol driving limit. You can't get it wrong–red, and green lights accompany any breath reading, displayed alongside a clear digital readout on a no-nonsense easy-read display. Most breathalysers will simply give you a digital readout of breath alcohol sample, leaving the user to interpret the reading. The AlcoSAFE CA10 Pro features cutting edge technology to ensure an accurate result every time. Advancements in sensor reliability and accuracy have been merged with an easy, one-touch control. EVT – Electronic Flow Check Technology, One Touch, Auto Shut Down, Error Sensing Technology. Cheaper breathalysers do not offer many of these features, meaning that you may get an inaccurate result due to lack of error sampling protection. The AlcoSAFE CA10 is very compact but packs a powerful punch and will fit snuggly into a pocket or handbag – ready for immediate use. Accurate, sleek, reliable. The AlcoSAFE CA10 can be used in ANY country. It is calibrated to UK Police standard measurements of Mg/L – the UK limit showing as 0.35 and the Scottish and Irish Limit showing as -0.22 Mg/L. European limits (vary by country) but will show as 0.22 Mg/L. WARNING: There is no 'safe' alcohol limit. A breathalyser should only be used as a guide to your level of intoxication. If you have consumed any alcohol you should not attempt to DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY. The exact concentration of alcohol in the blood of the test subject cannot be accurately determined by using any breathalyser device. Correlation between breath alcohol content and blood alcohol content depends on many variables. The manufacturers disclaim liability for incidental, special, or consequential damages of any nature. Periodic recalibration is specifically excluded from the manufacturer's warranty.

Box Contains

•AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyser •3 x Hard plastic mouthpieces (reusable) •Full easy-use instructions and quick start guide •2 x AAA batteries

  1. Does what it says - probably....
    Never been tested against the real thing but a few times we've clearly been pissed and its told us so, at others when you might expect to have remnants from a night out i've blown green. Seems to be fine though not sure i'd be swearing by it in court, if you know what i mean. An item to assist peace of mind in the mornings or perhaps to convince a friend to give up their keys at the end of the night!
  2. Do not recommend this. I usually buy Alcosafe machines which are ...
    This machine did not work properly it just keeps registering an error and the blow time isn’t long enough. Do not recommend this.I usually buy Alcosafe machines which are reliable and easy to use. Unfortunately could not find one this time on Amazon so bought this one. I would return the product, but I have not kept the packaging. Very disappointed.
  3. Great Service
    We recently purchased The AlcoSAFE CA10FS and have found it very reliable in our "Dry House Testing" over the past few months.We did have an issue later on, with the unit - but a very helpful Team at Breathalyser Direct were able to exchange the faulty unit imiediatly.I can recommend not only the Product but also the Supplier to anyone needing an accurate testing unit.
  4. but it seems to be pretty accurate. For example the rough result you would ...
    This is a very handy piece of kit, I cannot comment on the accuracy compared to a police breathalyser, but it seems to be pretty accurate. For example the rough result you would expect after drinking one pint of normal strength beer or cider. However I mostly use it to check if I am okay to drive the morning after a heavy night drinking and for this it is brilliant as if I get a reading of 0 I know that I am good to drive, if not I wait or use another form of transport.
  5. very good.
    Bought it to try and scare an ex boyfriend into behaving himself and growing up. He ended up just using this as a challenge to see how high he could make it go. Hence the EX part. Idiot. Good little machine though, quite scary how little it takes to push you over the limit - very eye opening... for a grown up. Will definitely use this to scare my kids when they start drinking!! Also scary that the same amount can register so differently on different people! Good for learning your limits and realising how wrong you may have been about them.
  6. Dangerously inaccurate
    My wife got me this as a Christmas present, after a few drinks we decided to try it out. very skeptical low readings but we had ate a lot, a few days later after quite a bit to drink i waited the recommended 30 mins and tried again, this time it said i blew 0.0 and was fine to drive. i tried gentle blowing like a slow sigh and hard blowing several times the device constantly said i was fine to drive when i wasn't. Not impressed at all and when i tried to return it it was told it wasn't available for return . Thankfully Amazons customer service is great and i got a full refund. buy at your own risk folks
  7. Inaccurate
    I used the unit one morning and it registered 8 and red. I drank a glass of water and then tested again an hour later and it came up 0 and green. I do not believe I could be safe to drive after only an hour.
  8. Useful guide for driving
    I bought this as a guide to when I would be okay to drive following having a drink, and to see how in line my perceptions of when I think I'm safe are accurate or not (I am pleased to say my perceptions were spot on!).After a heavy night at the office Christmas party last night, I woke up still feeling drunk. At 10:30am I did my first test showing RED 0.09. An hour later, I didn't really feel any more sober, and my 11:30am reading was RED 0.07. Leaving it just over another hour, I could tell I was sobering up nicely, and the 12:45pm test showed this as AMBER 0.04. When I finally felt sober enough to contemplate driving I did another test around 3:00pm and was GREEN 0.01. A final text before I ventured out at 4pm was GREEN 0.00.Great to know that my common sense was spot on in line with this device. I will be using it over Christmas to check I'm safe to drive if I have had a drink earlier in the evening (no more morning afters planned until the next office party).Very simple to use, turn it on, wait until it's ready, blow into the tube until the beep stops and check the reading.Carry pouch smaller than expected, as it will only fit the device, and there's no room for any of the blow tubes.