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Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose System (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Key Features:
  • New strip-free testing
  • No lancet handling
  • No coding Approx 5 second test time
  • Clinically proven least painful testing
  • Includes meter, 1 test cassette (50 tests), 2 AAA batteries, 1 mobile finger pricker, 1 fastclix drum with preloaded lancets (6)
Brand Accu-Chek

Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose System (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Product description

Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Monitoring System

  1. A Perfect and Compact Blood Glucose Tester, Why?
    When my sugar levels went high, the clinic thought originally it was diabetes, however the hospital said it was sugar poisoning and I will be a diabetic if I continue my current sugary diet. So I decided to go on a strict diet and monitor my sugar levels.After looking at various devices, I decided to go for the Accu-Check Mobile because it\'s easier, strip free, compact and higher accuracy.What\'s in the box?1x Accu-Check Mobile blood glucose meter (the unit )1x Finger Pricker (attached to the Unit)2x Lancet drums (6x lancets in each drums)1x USB Cable2x AAA (already in the machine)1x User Manual1x Quick Start Guide1x 3 Year Warranty Card1x Prescription Change Request Form1x Getting the Free Mobile Carry Case formAdvantagesFirst of all, Accu-check mobile is easier to use, just in four steps, no need to insert strips or scan codes and no lancet handling. Once the machine is on, all you have to do is open the tip cover (the meter automatically turns on the test area), press the finger pricker to a spot to obtain a blood sample, gently touch the blood to the test area...that\'s all and you\'ll get a result. Testing will be complete within 5 seconds.Higher AccuracyWhen I read the negative comments, I was bit worried, but this machine proved perfect. With higher accuracy, I managed (thanks to the kind Nurse and my GP) to compare the test results with the clinic/hospital blood check four times and it was near perfect. So I trust this simple and easy Accu Chek Mobile.PainlessAccu-chek Fastclix lancet is virtually pain free, there is no pain at all (I was using depth 3 as it is recommended to the new users). So if you\'re worried even the prickly pain, with Fastclix lancet you don\'t have to worry at all. Also, there are no exposed lancets to worry about. Choosing your individual penetration depth allows pain-free collection of blood and the control of the amount of blood needed. (The depth is from 0.5 (the lowest) to 5.5 (the highest)FeaturesTest Cassette instead of stripsShort Measuring timeDocked Finger prickerNo CodingLuminous DisplayBlood Volume - detects the amount of blood - only a tiny amount (0.3µL) necessaryText Supported operation - the machine guides you through the testing11 remindersPersonal Target Range for blood glucose resultsFlagging results with symbols2000 memory locations availableDisplay and Analysis of data on the PCUSB port for data transferFive Language Support - English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.Tones - Basic beep tones, accoustic reminders (mute option also available)Reminder SystemYou can set up upt to seven reminder times. The reminder system also allows you to set a reminder from the Set Flag menu if you want to check the blood again later. It can also set a reminder in one hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours. When the reminder has given it is automatically deleted.Memory DiaryThe meter has a 2000 value memory for saving the results together with the time and date. You don\'t have to save each results manually. All results, all ymbols that are displayed together wit the result and all flags are automatically saved by the meter.If all the memory slots were occupied the earlier results will be deleted for the new test results storage. You can view the results as :1. All Results (all saved results)2. Averages (averages of 7, 14,30 or 90 days)3. PC Analysis (Display and Analysis of the saved test results)Reports are used easily and automatically to analyse saved blood glucose results from the meter. You can print out these reports once it transferred to the computer.ReportsWhen connection between the meter (unit) and the PC is successfully established reports will be displayed in your Internet browser:1. Trend Report (Several test results over selected period)2. Standard Day Report (All data in a 24-hour grid)3. Standard Week Report (All blood glucose values according to the time when the test was performed and the respective day of the week)4. List Report (or record list which shows the test results sorted by date and time of the test)REMEMBER THESEThe lancet drum has a built-in locking mechanism so you CANNOT re-insert a lancet drum once it\'s been removed. If you remove the lancet drum once inserted, even if you don\'t use it or didn\'t completely used it, it will not be usable again. Once the lancet drum is inserted you can only follow the instructions. Manually turn the tab from six to five after you prick the finger. Manually turn the tab from six to five after you prick the finger. If not you\'re using the same needle again, which can cause inaccurate reading or worse, an infection.A test cassette will expire in three months or after 50 tests, so you need to buy a new cassette. You can re-insert a partly used cassette into the unit for a later date. However, if you re-insert a partly used cassette into meter and there was another cassette in the meter before this one, then the partly used cassette loses a test area.Remember to buy compatible lancet drum, with this Accu-Chek Mobile buy ONLY Accu-Chek FastClix (200+4 Lancets) NOT other lancets like Multiclix. Trying to use other lancet drums may damage the finger pricker.Remember not insert the lancet drum into the lancing device while pressing , clicking, releasing or holding the release button - this could release the lancet and inadvertently cause injury.If you keep getting error message saying blood is not sufficient to test, then it\'s possible you\'re just touching the blood on the strip, you only need a tiny amount of blood (0.3µL) and if you press the strip on the blood rather than just touching it, it will work fine. If you\'re not correctly doing it the error message will appear it\'s not the machine fault, it\'s your fault.Pros:* Very easy to use* Accurate tests* No coding* No strips* No exposed lancets* See the rest in the features section aboveCons:* Cassettes are bit expensive (not exactly a con)* Cassettes will run out within three months even if you don\'t use it frequently* Manually turn the lancet pin otherwise the lancet/needle will be reused.
  2. A Great Tool for Regular Blood Sugar Testing
    As a previous owner of an Accu-Chek with test strips, this is a real upgrade. Testing is far easier to perform as all the necessary tools are integrated into one package.I will also add that these machines are very good but can be expensive to run without a prescription for the cassettes, so consult your doctor about a prescription for test cassettes and prickers. Roche, the makers of this equipment, are very supportive and will provide free items such as a case, calibration fluids and battery vouchers. The biggest benefit for me is the online account at Roche where all your data can be collected and analysed. This is particularly useful for reviews with the doctor. Also, Roche can provide a wireless adapter for the meter free of charge to upload data via a mobile device using the Sugr App. All the details are in the product box and website.
  3. Very expensive unless you test often.
    Unless you are going to use 50 tests within 30 days do not buy this because you will have to throw the expired cassette away which is very expensive, otherwise a very good product but there are much cheaper variants available, just wasted an expired cassette with 43 unused tests left so it\'s all gone in the bin !
  4. For someone like me who just checks their blood sugar occasionally Accu ...
    Just realised why the cassettes keep expiring with most of the tests still unused - once you open it only lasts 90 days. For someone like me who just checks their blood sugar occasionally Accu Check Mobile is a waste of money. The product packaging is misleading because the expiry date shows 1 year expiry date not 90 days. Why doesn\'t the manufacturer state that this product is only suitable for daily use? Disappointing - would expect better of a brand like Roche.
  5. These monitors really are the best available in terms of ease of use and simplicity
    These monitors really are the best available in terms of ease of use and simplicity. I use this particular meter since I need to check my blood several times before and during a flight (as a private pilot). I can easily do that almost without looking. Never had an issue either with the monitor or blood sugar levels because the ease of checking means I do it rather than put it off.Unfortunately I now have several of these around the house because it is significantly cheaper to simply buy another one than pay just for the cassette drums of test strips and separate lancets. It makes no sense to me that the tests and lancets are the same (and sometimes more expensive) as the new monitor. If not this monitor would have had 5 stars from me.
  6. Amazing bit of kit
    About a month ago I was diagnosed with \"pre-diabetes\" after a blood test. I had complained to my doctor of constant tiredness and lack of energy throughout the day. I will be the first to admit my diet is lousy - pizzas, burgers, chocolate, takeaways, fizzy drinks are all vices of mine.I am now 47 years of age and my bloods came back as 44 mmol/mol. 42 and under is normal and 47 and over is diabetic.To help me monitor this I purchased this accu-check gadget and although the concept of taking my own blood samples was a bit daunting, it really is very easy indeed.This unit measures in mmol/l which is the more widely used method of measurement. I have only had it 2 days but measure first thing in the morning after waking to keep readings comparative.The device stores previous readings, averages, etc. You can also input your weight and other factors.Testing is impressively quick and simple - literally 5 seconds to get a reading like the blurb says!As my doctor did not want to test me again for another year, this device gives me peace of mind and lets me know that the changes I am making are having an effect.