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66fit Shoulder Exercise Pulley

Key Features:
  • Ideal for people who are undergoing rehabilitation of the shoulder following injury or surgery
  • Simple but extremely effective piece of equipment
  • Can help with improving range of motion
  • Designed so that you can attach it to most type of doors
  • Exercises that can be performed: Internal Rotation, External Rotation, Shoulder Abduction, Shoulder Flexion
Brand 66fit
Model 66fit

66fit Shoulder Exercise Pulley

Product description

Simple yet Effective Shoulder Rehabilitation.The 66fit Shoulder Pulley Exerciser is a simple yet effective piece of equipment which helps to strengthen the shoulder post injury or surgery. Our door pulley system works to improve the range of motion in the shoulder through a variety of rotation, abduction and flexion exercises.Simply attach the 66fit Shoulder Exerciser to the door using the attachment, adjust the rope by knotting it to the desired length and you are ready to go.Our door pulley exerciser is widely recommended as an integral part of rehabilitation and recovery programmes as it facilitates a wide range of passive, resistance and active strengthening exercises which may all be done in the comfort of your own home.Why Choose the 66fit Shoulder Exercise Pulley?Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit shoulder exerciser is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.Ideal for home or work use, the shoulder door pulley features a strong firm rope which can be easily and securely fastened to most types of door using the simple attachment provided. The rope can then be easily adjusted to the required length by knotting it accordingly.Two easy grip non-slip handles ensure that the 66fit Door Shoulder Exercise Pulley is not only easy to use but comfortable too.This shoulder exerciser has already proven an invaluable tool in the process of shoulder rehabilitation as it allows the user to perform internal and external rotation, shoulder abduction and flexion exercises and improve their range of motion.The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to operate the pulley, with additional in-depth videos available online.SpecificationColour: Aqua/ Black Main Material: PP and Metal. Rope/ PVCPresented In: Colour Box Packed Weight: 250gmsMade in Taiwan

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  1. This needs to be hung over a door each time you use it.
    The principle is spot on and once you’ve got the thing set up, it does the job. However, it doesn’t come with a fixing so if you need to hang it over the door each time you use it, reaching up to do that may not be easy. Also, if your doors are well fitted, you may not be able to shut the door. With the strap hanging over it. If you can get a family member to fix it more permanently, that is a definitive advantage.
  2. Rotator Cuff Exercise
    After a recent \'rotator cuff\' operation I was advised by my physio to exercise the shoulder. This simple exercise equipment does the job admirably. Good value too.However , after only a couple of months use, the pulley assembly has completely locked. I suspect the locking has occurred because the assembly overheated. It is now totally unusable. Maybe I was too enthusiastic with the exercise?
  3. Not Fit For Purpose - DO NOT BUY!
    These shoulder pulleys are not fit for purpose, and are made of cheap materials.I used these pulleys everday, for around 5-10 minutes each day over a period of less than eight weeks. As you can see from the photos, the plastic has worn out due to friction, as has parts of the rope. In addition, the screw in the middle got very hot after each use, and fell out once or twice, which I then had to screw back in (after it was safe to handle, that is). Let me add, that the pulleys were used as instructed.To be fair, when they were working, the pulleys were very helpful to my shoulder injury....it\'s just that these pulleys are made of cheap materials, and just will not last long. Shame really.
  4. Amazingly helpful
    I lost the use of my arm for a while after a suffering from sepsis. My shoulder could then only raise so far. I was trying using a walking stick to stretch my shoulder for a while, but it was not making much difference. The physios switched me to a pulley system in the gym and I immediately bought this for home. It made a HUGE difference. This has been one of the best purchases for my rehabilitation and my shoulder nearly has full movement now way earlier than I expected.I attached mine to the banisters of my stairs and have not tried it hooked on a door.I had major issues with my hand as well after leaving hospital so the grips had to be comfortable. These are really simple, but perfectly comfortable and easy to hold without having to grip with your hand very much.It is not quite the quality of the pulley system at the hospital gym, but it is still smooth and really works.
  5. Affordable physio equipment, high quality.
    Exactly as described, packaged well and works great. Adjustable length. Easy to put up and take down. Lightweight to carry. Really pleased with this product.I bought it for physio shoulder exercises for adhesive capsulitis. Am in first stage and it works for this stage and intend to use this for stage 2 and 3 also. This product is durable and suits anyone of any stature be they sitting or standing.Because its light, the pressure placed onto it during exercise doesn\'t pull back onto the shoulder which helps exercising to be carried out safely and appropriately so can recommend for this reason also.
  6. Helped with my frozen shoulder
    I used this for a couple of months to help me increase my range of motion after breaking my shoulder, resulting in a frozen shoulder. It let me move the shoulder even when my muscles couldn\'t move it. It was a shoulder distension arthogram that made the real difference but this, and the physio exercises, helped.
  7. just like the hospital physio
    I had an operation to release frozen shoulder. My exercise routine at the hospital gym included rope pulley like this. Only diffrence is the wheel on this is plastic not metal. It fits over door by means of a soft strap with a stop at the end - it hasn\'t scratched the paint. Easy to adjust length by sliding the rope through handles and retying. I feel it was a good buy and will help my recovery.
  8. Very useful for recovery from rotator cuff repair
    A very simple but effective design. recommended by my NHS physio.Basically they allow you to pull up the arm and move the shoulder through the joint by the force of the opposing arm. This allows movement to the point that you can tolerate it without undue stress.You need a door with nothing around it and to be able to sit on a chair (eg kitchen chair) and alternately face the door and then face away from the door for the two main excercisesThe product seems to be well made & nice designIt helped me recover from rotator cuff repair