NIBE F2040, The best heating system for your home

NIBE F2040 is a smart compact inverter controlled air source heat pump. NIBE has been manufacturing sustainable, energy-efficient climate solutions for your home. It started firstly om Smaland Markyard and as NIBE appreciate the Nordic Heritage and it takes care of the powers of nature, It combines the smart technology with renewable energy to provide an effective solution for creating a more sustainable future.

The origin of the idea of air conditioners and heaters is whether it’s hot in the summer of cold in the winter, we all always need a balanced climate inside our house so we can feel comfortable at home regardless of the weather outside. NIBE wide line of products can balance your home with heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation to create your perfect environment at home with the least negative impact on nature.

The technology behind the heat pump is based on a well-known, simple principle. Works in a way that is similar to the domestic fridge using the vaporizing compression style.

Imagine that what you see outside of your window can be your free source of energy- Air- And NIBE has take advantage out of it. NIBE has been using the heat pump technology in Sweden for over 30 years. The idea of using the outside air as a free source of energy is a true gift.

nibe f2040 -  - NIBE F2040, The best heating system for your home

NIBE F2040

NIBE F2040 provides you with maximum savings as it’s energy-efficient, the heat pump adapts itself automatically to your home requirements all year long. NIBE F2040 heat pump can work to outdoor temperature down to –20°C and provides up to 58°C in supply line temperature at the same time to reach the perfect level of comfort at your home.

nibe f2040 -  - NIBE F2040, The best heating system for your home

Why to choose NIBE F2040 as an air source heat pump?

  • You will save your money, It’s the most energy-efficient heating method, Heating costs will be reduced by 65% depends on the size of your house, the area where you live. NIBE F2040 efficient heat pumps can positively impact on the speed which recover back your investment, the number you pay for it will be back to you faster than any other heating appliance.
  • A green option, by reducing CO2 which is another good reason to choose the NIBE F2040 air source heat pump. It can cut your home’s CO2 emissions in half. That’s due to no combustion process involved comparing to any fossil-fuel based heating system. And that’s why NIBE pumps are classified as a renewable energy source.
  • Powerful high capacity heating that can even go down to -20°C with and efficient cooling function as well.
  • NIBE F2040 air source heat pumps are easy to install, maintain, and operate. The heating pumps can be installed on any kind of terrain.
  • No need for gas supply, flues, chimney, or ventilation is needed. It’s also ideal for water-filled radiators and under-floor heating.
  • Built to last long for an effective, cheap heating form years and years.

Things to consider when buying NIBE F2040 heat pump

The factors you need to consider when buying a heat pump heat system. The first thing is the house size, the current heating system, the house energy requirements, and the local weather conditions as this all will determine your decision.
When you are building a new house or upgrading your heating system, The NIBE system technician will help you install the right system for you.

NIBE F2040 is suitable for residential buildings. It has been made particularly to create an attractive system combination.

NIBE F2300-14 air source system consists of the NIBE F2300, suitable for commercial use and large properties.

nibe f2040 -  - NIBE F2040, The best heating system for your home

We have selected these products carefully for you, and still, you can browse through more options depends on your budget. Here at Fozdoo, we offer you the best-comparing experience when it comes to online purchasing.
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