All you need to know about the great Stihl ms 500i

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The Stihl ms 500i with the Stihl Injection Technology will give you the best power-to-weight ratio that’s why it’s the top on the market. Will give you the best function and simplest operation. Stihl ms 500i is perfect for large timbers to harvest and processing. With the unique lightweight design, it will give you an outstanding acceleration. New bumper spikes, HD2 filter the captive nut on the cover to easily change the chain.

STIHL MS 500 W Chainsaw £1,363.08

stihl ms 500i - 81UYo8zDgOL - All you need to know about the great Stihl ms 500i
  • The Stihl Injection technology with the Stihl ms 500i for achieving extraordinarily low displacement and low weight. The chainsaw uses an innovative technology for achieving a rapid acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 0.25 seconds. The sensors can measure the air pressure and the temperature, pass the information to the control unit.
  • Stihl ms 500i has the best power-to-weight ratio with its revolutionary chainsaw engine technology that will give you the most intelligent results in the market. With an optimized design and a lightweight sprocket cover, a compact engine unit, and a reduced-weight crankshaft that adapts to the low weight of the flywheel to make your work more comfortable.
  • Stihl ms 500i is perfect for heavy timber felling, pruning, and cutting into lengths.
  • It’s very easy and fast to start, without the need for a start position, and with an easy access to the purger.
  • With the Stihl 2-MIX engine, Two-stroke engine with Stihl 2-MIX technology that can save up to 20 % of the fuel while reducing emissions by up to 70 %.
  • And a new HD2 filter with a radial seal that is made from PET material and a radial seal, that prevents the intake of fine dust particles. While radial seal increases the service life of the engine.
  • The decompression valve makes it easy to start. As it should be pressed before starting the process to reduce the compression pressure. while reducing the effort needed to pull the starter rope. The valve is semi-automatic; as it has to be pressed manually right before starting, and then closes automatically.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning that makes it easy to safely tension the chain.
  • The fan has a Plunge guide Marking to help with plunge cuts. Which ensures better directional control and safe use of the chainsaw during plunge cutting.
  • Stihl ms 500i has an Optimized bumper spikes. The tooth length of the bumper spikes has been adjusted to account for the radial contours of trees.
  • Tool-free fuel caps to open and close the tank cap quickly and easily.
  • Stihl anti-vibration system allows the users to stay strong and work longer as the chainsaw works smoothly. Through a precisely calculated buffer zones that minimizes the transfer of engine and chain vibrations to the rear handles and the front.
  • The Stihl ms 500i is the first Stihl chainsaw to be equipped with the captive nuts. You will not risk losing the nuts on the sprocket while changing the cutting attachment through the Captive nuts.
  • Stihl ms 500i Optimised sprocket cover. The flatter, narrower sprocket cover with integrated slide rails reduces effort when pruning and ensures outstanding chip removal.
  • The new oil pump system in Stihl ms 500i increases the volume of the delivered oil. This will help you in dusty conditions.
stihl ms 500i - MS500i 2 1200x1200 - All you need to know about the great Stihl ms 500i
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