About us

Fozdoo – Using AI to make it easy for users to buy the right product for the best price.

Fozdoo is a comparison AI-based tool intelligent enough to do what users do when shopping online. It searches, compares products, deals and seller reputation saving your time, effort and money.

We present you with the best prices out there so you can make an informed purchase decision easily. Our mission is to save you money.

Fozdoo compares thousands of products every day to provide you with the best information so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Choosing the right product and paying the right price can be an overwhelming experience. With so much choice and so many features available, it can be almost impossible to make a decision and feel happy with it afterwards.

Fozdoo collects and crawls millions of technical, price and review data constantly. Then we use this information to compare the details of every product and deal to suggest the best product and deal at the time of your purchase.

How Fozdoo makes money

We make money through affiliate relationships with some of the retailers that we list. We may receive a commission from some retailers if you buy the product from their website. This does not cost you anything and for the retailers Fozdoo is one of a number locations where they pay for advertising.

Our aim is to cover all available prices for the products that we list. This is irrespective of whether we receive any advertising fees that we may receive from those companies.