9 best toners for all skin types

Toner is a single simple step for a flawless glowing skin

It’s a simple easy step but can make all the difference to your skin. The toner is used between cleansing and moisturizing, It removes any small particles of dirt, make-up, excess oil, pollutants and can help balance the PH level, It soothes and prepares your skin for the serum. It’s the answer to a clear, radiant complexion, and kipping this step might negatively affect your skin especially if it’s acne-prone.

Just swipe over your face right after washing, with a cotton pad every day and you’ll be noticing the transformation in just a few days.

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#3 AHAVA Mineral Toning Water £14.49

A gentle cleansing toner that restores the natural pH level of your skin. AHAVA Mineral toner is made of special exclusive formula, enriched with 21 essential minerals and nutrients from the Dead Sea that replenish skin. The botanic extracts hydrate and leave skin feeling its best. It helps prepare skin for your daily care routine as it locks in the moisture.

*Apply toner with cotton, sweep gently on your skin.

*Suitable for all skin types.

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#4 Lancome Tonique Confort £25.90

Lancome genuine skincare lotion, A silky-soft moisturizing formula that is specially adapted to the needs of dry skin. Made from Acai honey that nourishes the skin. It tones and immediately rehydrates the skin. It eliminates any impurities, leaving the skin perfectly clean, soft, and comfortable. Rediscover purity with Lancome Tonique Confort.

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#6 Elemis Soothting Apricot  £7.10

Elemis calming facial toner that effectively tones the skin and helps maintain its natural pH level. with no use of alcohol or any harsh detergents. Made of Apricot Extracts, Sweet Betty Flower, and Saponins from Quillaja Wood help to soothe and harmonize the skin. Leaving you with a fresh and radiant complexion. Suits all skin types.

*Moisten a cotton wool pad with the toner and wipe gently over the face after cleansing. It can be used as a revitalizing spritzer.

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#7 TreeActiv Balancing Herbal £26.93

TreeActiv’s Balancing Herbal Toner secret that is made of Witch Hazel is an extremely powerful yet gentle astringent skincare solution that helps to eliminate acne by reducing inflammation and balancing the oil in your skin. Rich in Rose Water, Vitamin A&C, Clary Sage essential water, and Tea Tree Water acts as an antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizer, toner and astringent all in one natural ingredient preventing acne and breakouts.

The toner can be used in different ways. It can be used after washing your face and before moisturizing. And you can add a herbal boost to your skin by spraying it directly onto troubled areas or spray entire face. This toner will help unclog oil in pores and keep skin clear through any time of the day.

*Suitable for all skin types- 100% Vegan.

*Spray toner onto cotton ball or apply directly to face. Avoid contact with eyes and do not rinse.

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#8 Aveda Botanical Kinetics £24.75

Aveda Toning Mist comes face to face with the benefits of nature that is refreshingly aromatic. This cooling, refreshing mist will help you hydrate and balance your skin. As it minimizes surface oil build-up leaving it soft and extremely supple. With white oak, witch hazel and peppermint provide mild astringent benefits keeping your skin replenished and balanced.

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#9 Triumph&Disaster Facial Toning £26.00

Triumph& Disaster Logic 100% Alcohol-Free premium facial toner. Made of natural properties to prevent acne. Doesn’t include sulfates or any harmful synthetic chemicals to create a skin toner designed to define simplicity, accuracy, and clarity. Contains Tasmanian Pepper, Fruit Extract, brings great calming and soothing benefits to all skin types, Alpine Willow Herb Extract clinically proven to shrink and reduce pore size while balancing sebum production, and Witch Hazel that is a skin-soothing anti-inflammatory, all suited for improving general skin tone.

Logic toner is ideal for clearing and toning without stripping natural oils or dehydrating sensitive skin.

**Perfect for all skin types and sensitive skin.

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We have selected these products carefully for you, and still, you can browse through more options depends on your budget. Here at Fozdoo, we offer you the best-comparing experience when it comes to online purchasing.
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