8 Best Make-up Brush Cleaners

Your guide to buying a good valuable brush cleaner…

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Silicone Brush Cleaner

Top 8 brush cleaner picks

#1 e.l.f. Cosmetics Shampoo

For a flawless-looking application every time. ELF brush cleaner will help you get your brushes like new with every wash. It washes away dirt, oil, debris, and makeup leftovers from your brush while conditioning the hair to provide you with a clean soft makeup application every time.

*Gentle and crafted for everyday use.

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#2 Cinema Secrets Cleanser

Professional-grade liquid makeup brush cleaner, It is quick-drying, rinse-free and 99.99% antimicrobial disinfectant.

This professional-quality brush cleaner is a makeup industry cult-favorite which can be used on both natural and synthetic fibers, It doesn’t leave an oily residue. It just cleans, conditions, and deodorizes brushes in one step. It’s coveted by makeup artists for its amazing cleansing ability, quick drying time, and pleasant vanilla fragrance.

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#4 Pro Hygiene Collection cleanser

Pro Hygiene makeup Brush cleaner is an antibacterial instant sanitizer spray for both natural and synthetic makeup brushes quickly. Antibacterial action that kills 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds. It dries quickly and easy to use spray. Removing all types of makeup including dark colors, strong pigments, silicone, long-wear, and waterproof makeup.

No oily residue-Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly-Made in the UK.

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#5 STYLPRO Brush Solution

StylePro unique and deep cleansing formula will cut through stubborn cosmetics, nourish and gently condition the brush bristles. leaving the brush silky and smooth. gentle, Effective and Vegan registered formula contains oil extracts to clean and condition your makeup brushes, so they look and feel as good as new

Use neat, do not mix with water

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#6 EcoTools brush Shampoo

Eco tool brush cleaner is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. The shampoo is made of gentle plant-based ingredients and free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum-based ingredients. Your brushes will be left clean, soft, and free of any oily residue.

*The shampoo is packaged in a 40 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottle.

*PETA certified, 100% cruelty free and vegan.

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#7 NYX Professional Cleaning

NYX makeup brush cleaner is an effective deep cleaning formula for your makeup brushes. A gentle non-abrasive formula, that will retain their shape after cleaning. The brush fibers are carefully cared for. It removes all types of brush bristles that work synthetic and natural fibers.

  • It’s strongly recommended to wash your brushes once a week.
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#8 MAC brush Cleanser

Keep your makeup brushes, fresh, soft and hygienic with MAC Brush Cleaner. It’s safe and easy-to-use cleansing formula that cleans, disinfects and conditions brush fibres expertly.

Specially manufactured to help prolong the life and performance of your high-quality makeup brushes, the solution can be used for quick or deep cleaning. MAC brush cleaner lifts away dirt and product build-up to leave brushes clean and smelling fresh.

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